Baby It’s Cold Outside | Halifax Maternity Photographer

When I first dove into the world of photography, I was a bit backwards from many. Natural light scared me, but strobes were constant and safe. The Strobist website was my bible…. exactly fours years ago this Saturday I was featured on the blog. I received over 35,000 hits to my website and I thought, for certain, I was the cat’s meow. Strobes were the promise land!

One year later, in 2009, I had opened shop…..and sold every single piece of lighting gear (EVERY single piece). I was extoling the virtues and beauty of “all natural, on-location” lighting.  It was silly and shortsighted on my part…..especially given that I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Which brings us to shiny new 2012….and while I have done many, many sessions in the last three years, both in studio and on location, it just occured to me today that Tracie and Scott’s maternity session is the very first that I’ve used both.

If you are looking for variety in your sessions, whether as a client or a photographer…make sure your creative decisions come from a place of personal choice and not personal limitation!





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