Vendor Spotlight: The Cotton Penguin

I am so pleased to introduce you all to The Cotton Penguin and it’s founder, Shannon Shields!

The store is a fantastic addition to the Tantallon area and the Grand Opening is THIS Saturday, starting at 11am. For more details be sure to “Like” their  Facebook Page

You will also see some of my own work adorning the walls, and in the near future can expect some exclusive promotions from Tanya Shields Photography for Cotton Penguin customers!


Business Name:

The Cotton Penguin


Shannon Shields

Web Site:


Business Location:

5280 St. Margaret’s Bay Road
Upper Tantallon, NS B3Z 2J1

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Since early November 2012

Why Did You Decide to Open a Baby Business?

We live in the fast growing Tantallon area! As a mom of a one year old and a 2 year old, I was frustruated with the lack of childrens supplies and toys available in the area. At the same time, like so many parents, we were worried about the cost of daycare and travel into the city every day, we wanted to find a better work/life balance for our kids! About 8 months into my final Maternity Leave I decided to write a business plan for a childrens botique close to home and attempt financing! The rest is history in the making… I hope! 😛

What Is Your Most Popular Product or Service, and What Do Clients Love About It??

Our most popular products so far are toys, but we are leading up to Christmas… we offer a large selection of baby products as well as cloth diapers and accessories. Perfect for baby showers which are second to Christmas gifts! People like to find unique or locally made gifts to bring to parties and showers.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Not only is our location bright, spacious and welcoming but we have a lot of selection without being overwhelming.
Unlike many competitors, our products are for children of all ages, not just up to 4!
We also have a Computers for Kids division! Currently under construction, The Cotton Penguin will offer computers and their accessories for children who are learning to use technology, or for teens who want to get the most out of videogaming. We will soon have display models and inventory as well as offer various computer related services, such as custom builds, software installations, Virus removal, hardware upgrades and so much more.

Is there anything about your business that you wish was more commonly known?

Right now, just that we are here and open! (It’s been too short a period to offer much more with confidence.) Maybe that we make every effort to offer products that are local and/or sustainable.  Also, we want to change and grow with the needs of the community – please do tell us, what is it you want to see in the store?! We want to cater to community needs!

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